As an expenditure-only Political Action Committee (PAC), we identify Federal candidates who will back legislation and public policies that support Veterans.

In particular, we focus on the issues of Veterans who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness. We work to coordinate with local leaders to acquire affordable housing, educational opportunities, vocational training or job retraining. We also work at the local, state and federal level to educate leaders about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or “shell shock” as it was once categorized as well as suicide prevention.

We are also committed advocating for change at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). We support legislation that will help reduce waiting times for service, speed up VA compensation claims, and expedite appointment scheduling so that veterans can receive help quickly, efficiently, and affordably. No Veteran should die waiting for months for services.

What is at stake?

Every 22 minutes, a Veteran commits suicide in this country. That is simply unacceptable. Many people feel that the country’s leadership has turned its back on our Veterans because the cost is “too high” to give them the proper assistance they need. That too is unacceptable. We believe that for people willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for our country, no cost is too high.

Many people do not realize the scope of the problem facing our Veterans. Following is a broad strokes view of how widespread and wide-ranging the problems are for veterans. Together we can change this and demonstrate that this country is grateful for the service of Veterans!


Rep. Scott L. Fitzgerald

Key Legislation this Candidate Endorses
H.R. 5142Gold Medal for Service Members in Afghanistan
H.R. 2954Strong Retirement Act
H.R. 707WWII Ghost Army Act Act
H.R. 240Homeless Veterans Act

Please VOTE for Rep. Scott Fitzgerald – Wisconsin’s 5th District

Rep. Mike Bost

Key Legislation this Candidate Endorses
H.R. 4700Transition for Success Act
H.R. 4626VA Aim Act
H.R. 2127 TEAM Act

Please VOTE for Rep. Mike Bost – Illinois’s 12h District

Rep. Mike Gallagher

Key Legislation this Candidate Endorses
H.R. 4471Improving Veterans Access Act
H.R. 3994ACT for Veterans Act
H.R. 3401 VA Hiring Enhancement Act
H.R. 1124Veterans Serving Veterans Act

Please VOTE for Rep. Mike Gallagher – Wisconsin’s 8th District